Culvert Repair


HydraTech Field Services, LLC, simply put, works inside culverts. We are the guys who move rocks out of pipes, not only that but we offer quality restoration of culverts with various options meeting the needs of any project. Culvert Rehabilitation work includes cleaning pipes out by hand, pressure washing, high pressure blasting, application of carbon fiber composites, epoxy coating, installing concrete inverts, and performing concrete patch work. Our capabilities of pressure washing at 7000 psi allow us to completely clean culverts and blast off and residual sediment or coatings from pipe walls. Carbon fiber composites allow us to strengthen structurally compromised sections of pipeline. HydraWrap provides many advantages to culvert rehab needs, as it can be applied on only required locations, it involves very little equipment due to hand application, and is installed with very little disruption to the environment. When a culvert invert is missing, don’t replace the entire culvert, pave the invert with concrete. Once cured concrete slabs fully restore structural integrity to culvert inverts. Why dig up an entire culvert when only cost effective trenchless repairs are necessary? HydraTech has the answer with their quality culvert rehab division. Get with us on inspecting your state or municipal culvert today!