Fyfe® Case Study

Markland Dam Bridge

United States Army / Markland Bridge

Cornerstone Engineering

HydraTech was called upon to repair the Markland Dam Bridge that was facing structural concern in several areas. Many i-beam sections needed to be reframed and strengthened. There were also several section on the bridge with exposed rebar that needed to be coated with an anti-corrosive epoxy to prevent further damage to the bridge.

The proposed solution involved coating all the exposed rebar with a corrosive stopping epoxy and reforming all I-beams to original shape so HydraTech could apply Fyfe Fiber Wrap system.

This job was over the Ohio River at a height of over 100’. The rough condition of the substrate lead to a very detailed surface prep & repair. This consisted of a heavy surface grinding to reach the desired surface profile. Once the surface was prepared, we then had to pressure wash the area to remove all dust & debris.

Cornerstone Engineering was pleased with how quickly we solved the problem and proved the confidence we had in the strength of our product and the ability to provide what they needed. In the end we saved time, money, and materials; all while strengthening the damaged areas and prolonging the life of the bridge.