HydraTite® Case Study

McCall River Ranch of Idaho

Private, Livestock – Bison Ranch

McCall River Ranch of Idaho

A leaking irrigation pipe on McCall River Ranch of Idaho was in need of rapid repair. The leaking irrigation pipe was not operational preventing water supply to Bison on the ranch. A fast solution was needed for this problem as the Bison needed water to drink, and temporary methods of water supply were very costly to the ranch.

The proposed solution involved sealing leaking pipe joints of the ADS irrigation pipe. HydraTech suggested sealing of pipe joints with the HydraTite Internal Joint Seal. The HydraTite is a cost effective and fast solution to repairing leaking joints and points of underground pipe.

HydraTech’s factory technicians installed the HydraTite seals in a matter of a few days. The 45 Degree bend within the pipe made the access of repair locations difficult for the HydraTech installers, yet their specialization in confined space allowed them to complete the job successfully. Custom band size and multi-piece configurations were engineered and manufactured for this project in order for seal installation to be completed beyond and around the 45-degree bend.

McCall River Ranch was impressed by our response time and ability to complete the proejct in a timely manner. The solution repaired the irrigation system with little cost compared to other methods. The HydraTite saved the Bison of McCall River Ranch!